About Us

Breastmilk Jewelry: You Can Do It Yourself!

Think of the dream of turning your breast milk into a jewelry, a solid piece like stone so it’ll be an eternal reminder of the remarkable moments of your breastfeeding period. Now imagine you can have in hand all the material you need to make your own breast milk jewelry.


Our story

Lackto was founded 5 years ago by the pharmacist Júlia Quintana. During your journey as a woman, mother and entrepreneur, she heard many mothers that would like to eternalize this awesome experience that is the breastfeeding.

Because she lived in practice, she knew that this period of surrender and connection has its ups and downs. It was insecurities, challenges, learning and achievements with her two children. But what remained were/were only the memories, without a physical and striking recordation of this period. 

After many researches, the idea of the breast milk jewel was born. But going steady on the way, it didn’t take long for the idea to take shape in an incredible memory. Thus, MotherLove Kit was born, a kit for Mom to make her breast milk jewel at home. 

In 5 years of history, Lackto eternalized the breastfeeding of many mothers in Brazil and Europe.