Frequently Asked Questions

See here the most asked question on the DIY Lackto Kits 

1) How many pieces can I make with only one kit? 

You can make a maximum of two pieces with only one kit, but they must be made at the same time, following the step-by-step instructions. You can buy the extra mould on the page “Extras Kit Lackto”.

2) Can I buy more than one kit?
Absolutely. All you have to do is add to your cart as many kits as you want.

3) What’s the durability of the pendant like?

The pendant is eternal, but its color might change since it’s made of an organic material.

4) Will I be able to make my own pendant?

Absolutely. All you have to do is accurately follow the instructions on the manual. 

5) Do I need any special tool or product to make my jewelry?
You will only have to provide the breast milk, besides that you have everything on your Lackto Kit.

6) How long does it take for the breast milk to solidify?

After mixing the breast milk with the chemical solution, it takes 48 hours until your piece is 100% solid. 

7) How complicated are the step-by-step instructions?
Not at all, besides having the manual with all the details of the process, you can also watch a video guide found on the bottom of this page.

8) How to use the pipette? How do I know the right amount of breast milk to mix with the solutions? 

Squeeze the bulb of the pipette with your fingers and dip it into the breast milk, when it’s all under breastmilk, stop squeezing it with your finger. The pipette will be half full of  breast milk, that’s the exact amount you will need. Don’t try to fill the pipette more than once, once is enough.

9) Does the Lackto Kit expire?

Yes. When in doubt, get in touch with us and we will let you know the expiring date of the lot you have with you. 

10) My breast milk is frozen. Can I still make my pendant with a Lackto Kit? 

Absolutely. In fact, we even recommend it for mothers who are thinking of buying the kit. Whenever you want, all you have to do is take it out of the fridge some time before making the jewelry, cause it’s got to be in its liquid form. 

11) See how to make your own breast milk jewelry with the Lackto Kit 

Click on the link or watch the video on the homepage of our website.